With the core concept of "design, sharing and fashion", the series aims to explore the infinite possibilities of contemporary design and future life.

Now & future design, sharing and fashion are the core concepts to enhance the good life experience;

Now & future modern parametric design and technology, details show quality;

Now & future continues to explore the relationship between products and space, and expand the infinite reverie of future residential space.

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We have always wanted to create a young, personalized, fashionable, intelligent home brand, from which we can see the rhythm and tonality of young people's life. A new future, a new way of interpretation. We combine the present, and strive to explore the way of life that connects the contemporary design with the future. It takes time, thousands of negations, just one affirmation! We do subtraction, explore the nature of design, give the product character and life, until the complete product is presented in front of you, that fresh beat is the context of the future.


What is the time?

According to Henry Bergson, a French philosopher who won the Nobel Prize in literature in the last century, the time measured by numbers, such as what time and what month, is not the real time. The real time is continuous. Bergson's "creative intuition" thought system makes him a spiritual tutor to enlighten modern design.


Now & future tries to embody the point, line, surface and body of three-dimensional elements in furniture design in the form of moving, rotating, swinging, expanding, twisting, bending, cutting, unfolding, folding, penetrating, expanding, mixing and so on, and through advanced parametric ingenuity, it makes exquisite products to enrich this expression. Now & future means the future, to provide a positive and fresh life position for the present.