• Fabrizio Carloncelli is no newcomer to the design industry, having been in this field for 20 years. He led the Italian Design Association, IID (Instituto Italiano Design) as the Chief Designer, whereby he worked on an impressive portfolio of projects including urban planning, landscape design, architecture, and interior design in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.His CV boasts projects in urban development and the reconstruction of industrial areas in the city of Perugia, Italy. He also worked on various projects in cooperation with the Seismological Bureau of Italy, McDonnel Douglas Corporation, Lamborghini. Carloncelli was also part of the team behind the design of Indonesian President Suharto's residence.
  • In the 1980s, Philip Yap attended the Malaysian Institute of Art and the Faculty of Art in the University of Melbourne, Australia, specializing in Creative Arts. In the 1990s, he established a corporate marketing firm in Malaysia, offering services such as corporate identity and brand management, brochure design and so on. At the same time, he began to undertake more projects involving furniture design, kick-starting his career as a professional furniture designer and furniture industry planner. Since then, he has served a consultant for the Malaysian Furniture Design Centre.In 2004, Philip Yap established a design agency, PhilipYap Design “PYD”.In 2011, Philip Yap established the International Designer Club (IDC), which saw him lead a team of international elite researchers and designers. The introduction of foreign talent worked in synergy with the demands of the Chinese furniture market, further enhancing the international competitiveness of Chinese furniture design. Even as we approach an age of dynamic changes, characterised by an ever-changing usage of Internet, Philip Yap ensures the resilience of the design business by adapting and refining product designs, aligning them with new business models and current market demands. At the same time, he is expecting the development of even more fruitful partnerships to enhance the industrial value of his creations.
  • Tim Wang is a state-registered interior designer and founder of FABIO Fan. He graduated from the Nanjing Forestry University and Tsinghua University, specializing in interior and furniture design. Wang used to work with the IADC Design Company in Shanghai, an award-winning design company that won the “Excellence Award (professional group category)” in the Golden Axe Furniture Design Competition. Soon after, he joined Expocasa, and worked together with Carloncelli on a list of prestigious projects.

Expodomo- Introduction

Expodomo (Shanghai) Architectural Interior Design Co., Ltd., is a design firm established in 2010, featuring a team of Chinese and Italian architects with a portfolio involving the design of high-end estates, public spaces, entertainment facilities, retail outlets, showrooms, private villas and so on.

Despite a cosmopolitan staff profile, Aidu remains an ardent supporter of authentic Chinese design. In September 2015, Aidu launched its new label FABIO Fan in the 21st China International Furniture Fair. FABIO Fan displays a novel interpretation of Chinese art, bringing a new perspective to the term “fusion”.