Designer:GOODO Design Studio



Texture of material:MDF board, wood veneer, high quality oak, iron / aluminum metal feet. Cabinet: black oak, wavy pattern, drawer surface: ruby red matte, beach Beige matte, titanium gray metallic paint.

Base material:MDF, oak veneer, iron / aluminum foot

Auxiliary materials (paint materials):Waterborne paint, Pu solid color paint, Pu metallic paint

Wood color:Cabinet: wd02 / Black Oak

Paint color:Wavy drawer surface: mt04 / RUBY matte, mt09 / sand Beige matte, mtm03 / titanium gray metallic

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Product description

Short cabinet also can be very fashionable. The concise and gorgeous rectangular solid is separated into drawer, which with strong storaging performance. It takes the wavy texture as the element, and combines different surface treatments. The slender metal scaffold looks like a rectangular solid floating in the air.