Fabio 范

“FABIO范”包含了东、西方对美和生活的理解与追寻。材料以自然生命状态,通过巧匠的雕琢打磨后,呈现出一种清新的质感与动静相宜的状态。FABIO FAN is a cross-cultural collaboration between Italian designer Fabrizio Carloncelli and Chinese designer Tim Wang that represent a true harmony of Western and Eastern elements.

唐堂 Tang Tang

唐而璜之,登堂入室。以当代居住方式为底蕴,以美好的设计、材料、图案与装饰赋予其极致的品质。在每个新海派国际风情的地方遇见唐堂。Philip Yap, designer of Tang Tang, was born and raised in Malaysia, a melting pot of different cultures. Tang Tang integrates the immaculacy of Shanghainese design & sophisticated international styles.